What is the purpose of education

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Education is a purposeful cognitive activity of people to obtain knowledge and skills or to improve them.

The purpose of education is to introduce the individual to the achievements of human civilization. The main institution of modern education is the school. Carrying out the “order” of society, the school, along with other types of educational institutions, trains qualified personnel for various spheres of human activity.

Functions of education:

  • Transfer of social experience (knowledge, values, norms, etc.).
  • The accumulation and storage of the culture of society. Education supports the necessary level of social cohesion, contributes to the maintenance of its stability, leads to the direct social reproduction of society as cultural integrity.
  • Socialization of the individual. Training qualified personnel to maintain and increase the survival rate of society in the constantly changing historical conditions of its existence.
  • Social selection of members of society, especially young people. Due to this, each person takes in the position that most satisfies his personal and social interests.
  • Providing professional orientation of the person.
  • Introduction of sociocultural innovations. Education promotes discoveries and inventions, the development of new ideas, theories, concepts.
  • Social control. The legislation of many countries provides for compulsory education, which contributes to maintaining the stability of society.

The main directions of the ongoing education reform:

  • the democratization of the system of training and education;
  • humanization of the educational process;
  • computerization;
  • internationalization.

In the course of their implementation, it is assumed:

  • modify the organization and technology of education, make the student a full-fledged subject of the educational process;
  • choose a new system of criteria for the effectiveness of education results.

Modern education is a means of solving the most important problems not only of the whole society but also of individuals. This is one of the most important stages in the process of socialization.

Education is traditionally divided into general and professional. At the initial stage of socialization of the individual, the solution of the tasks of general education dominates, and as the educational level of a person increases, specialized, professional education begins to predominate. General education allows you to master the basics of scientific knowledge necessary to understand the world around us, to participate in public life and work.