Difference between dissertation and thesis

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As a rule, a similar question arises first of all before those who write a scientific dissertation only for the first time and does not have a clear, concrete idea about it. That is why, today, we will tell about the differences between thesis and dissertation.


The dissertation, of course, is a more extensive and thorough scientific research, which contains from two hundred to three hundred pages. In this case, a lot depends on the direction of your work (humanitarian or, for example, technical).

The number of used literature sources

For thesis work, you need about fifty to one hundred different scientific materials. While writing a dissertation, you will have to find a lot more different books, articles, and monographs. Their approximate number also ranges from two hundred to three hundred pieces.


The requirements for writing a thesis are less strict and vaguer than to the dissertation.


If in the thesis work it is still possible to formulate the idea somewhere in ordinary language, then when writing dissertation research you will have to write the entire text in a scientific manner in order to interest your fellow scientists, and also to show how competent and competent you are in this matter.

Mandatory implementation of the results

Students rarely manage to implement their developments in any real production, but the same candidates of science should take care of this. Or at least confirm the theoretical value of their conclusions.

Approval Procedure

In the case of the candidate’s dissertation writing, its results should be already made public in advance using the press in various well-known scientific journals, some of which must be included in the list of HAC.

The tangible difference in protection procedure

A student does not have to defend his work in a special dissertation council. Moreover, it is not necessary for a university graduate to have already published scientific articles on the topic of research he is considering.

Of course, the preparation and writing of the dissertation research require much more time, effort, and specialized skills that the applicant for a degree develops already when studying in graduate school. If, when defending a diploma, the commission can still make a discount on the inexperience of the author of the work in question, then the requirements for a graduate student will be much more serious and more stringent.